Thoughts on vampires

This will be in English only. I see my grammar is slacking off again,so please kick my ass about it. Also, fair warning, might be offensive material in this blog

It hit me.
It’s all about the basics. That’s why we are so drawn to vampires.

As humans,as a species, we are born,we feed,we sleep,we live and reproduce,and then we die.

The basics are so simple. Life,death,lust,love..

Life or fear of death is probably what draws us most to vampires. Most of us wants to live. Or to exist, at the very least. Not to be gone and forgotten.

..and cool powers aren’t a drawback either.

Everyone needs sustenance of some sort. Nutrition. Food. We feed physically off of plants and animals, and we feed mentally off of each other. Gossip is a tool of power,for instance. I am personally not drawn to the idea of drinking blood, mainly because I don’t like tasting watery blood in my steak. But I’m guessing what it must be like to enjoy it. Like a five course dinner and dessert, all in there.
Feeding is pretty basic. I watched my daughter when I was breastfeeding, and whenever she looses the nipple in her sleep, she seeks for it, savagely, blindly, but she finds it every time.
We are created for survival. Vampires are just the same.
Can you imagine what it must be like to be a newborn vampire? To smell food all around you, to know that it’s there,so easily taken,and to hunger for it,crave it,but knowing at the same time,someone must die for you to get it?
That’s why I sympathize with Edward,and Jasper, more so than Bella,when it comes to twilight.

I actually never liked Bella. Something about her just plain annoyed me. She was too slow on the uptake. Hello,of course he’s a vampire! Dumbass.

I don’t really know when I learned what a vampire was, I remember reading about Rydiger, the obnoxious little vampire in the books by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, but I already knew it by then. I watched Interview with the vampire, and abhorred Lestat,and adored Louis,I saw Bram Stokers Dracula, and loved the beauty of it.
I have failed to read all of the Anne Rice vampire books,but I’ll get there. (I have to save SOME books for later) I like twilight. Loved the first book, am awaiting the fourth. Loved the movie.

And now I like True Blood.

In every one of these (of course excluding the childrens books) the combination of lust and love is very much present. I think that on some level, the ones lusting for the vampire craves their powers. I don’t think that because you’re into vampires,you’re gonna go hump a corpse (some village idiot said that to me once. Goddamn in-bred moron.) or that you seriously fancy dead people. What I think is that vampires remind us of death, and makes us feel more alive. Adrenaline.
Also,the wicked powers.

Of course.

I see that there’s a whole new batch of fresh series of books out there,starring our pale-faced bloodsucking friends. I for one,intend to devour them all.

I remember,back when I was in school,my best friend and me,we made a pact. If one of us turned into a vampire,we would turn the other one.
I wouldn’t do that now,vampirism is far too sexual for that. He’s like a brother to me. It would be gross. But isn’t that nice though?

That really is friends for ever.

Now,back on track,yes..I digress a lot. Sorry.

Vampires are so much stronger,faster,smarter (well,you’d learn a trick or two if you’d been around for that long a time,eyh?) and they only NEED that one thing. We,the mere mortals, need so much STUFF.

Vampires are free. All they need to do is feed. We need to go to work, buy food, get a house, go to the doctor, and vampires.. can do whatever the hell they want.

That’s what it’s all about in the end.


We all want to live our lives the way we want it, without being tied down by everything material, everything human.

Vampire stuff I DON’T like.

-Buffy …superficial,yes. But I like my vampires pretty.

I would love some thoughts on this…I’ve got a Visual Novel planned,so this monologue might go in it. Please feel free to discuss it 🙂

–I will edit in pictures and links later.

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