Oh how I love you,LOST! Season 6 spoilers

Most of you read this because you know me.

That means you know what an avid LOSTie I am.

Well, season 6 FINALLY aired the first two episodes in Norway,and if you haven’t seen them, don’t read this blog, there will be spoilers.

First off – J.J.Abrams – THANK YOU.

I had honestly forgotten that amazing feeling of being confused, wanting to know more, drowned and soaked in mysteries and unanswered questions,and this HUNGER for more.

To me Lost is the perfect tv-show. I’m more confused now than I ever was. I was right on some theories, and SO wrong in others (or so it seems,lol–with Lost – who can tell?)

And scriptwriterpeople; thank you for Sawyer. he is the perfect antihero, the perfect male character. I wuv him! Bad, with with a good heart deep down.

But,man you guys are MEAN to him..

Poor Sawyer without his Juliet…so sad.But such a perfect end to their love. Sigh!

And Sayid – what a perfect ending to an episode – I cried so hard when I thought he was dead!

And OMFG..

John Locke – who are you??

to be feared not only by Benjamin Linus (the creepiest guy in the history of tv,except for Bob in twin peaks (shudder))

but to be feared by Richard Alpert?

At least now we know something about Richards timetravel and no aging deal..

And yay, I was right about a «fountain of youth/healing» thing .. so whoppee!

But to wait a week for a new episode?

Oh hell no…


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