Snow by Caroline Olsen

Norsk? Les lenger ned 🙂

I randomly came across a fellow writer on a Norwegian forum,and now I’ve read her book! Funny how small the world is^^ Sure,I was the one who asked the library to buy it,but still.

I can definitely recommend it to others.

Uh-oh, there goes that secret..

Ok,so I loved it. It’s rare that I go into instant fangirlmode when I read (actually that has happened ONCE before, with the  Harry Potter fandom.)  but this time it hit me hard!

Here’s from the Snow Webstore’s About the book;


Authored by Caroline Olsen
Cover design or artwork by Lanny Suhandy

‘Snow’ is the story about Maaya, a teenage boy from Tokyo.
Intelligent, kind and compassionate, with bright pink hair, this artistic boy is already well-known by those around him, engaged in politics as well as art and eccentric in his own way.
He’s always been different, and is fairly calm about it when he at 16 comes out and reveals that he’s gay.
Though he himself has no problem admitting to it and accepting it – there are others who aren’t as approving. And perhaps he wasn’t prepared for the consequences?
Maybe he lacked the cynical abilities to see that people would be bothered by who and what he was?

Through his best friend Atsushi’s retrospective, Maaya’s story is told, from the day he first came out; to his first love and heartbreak, and up to the moment where it all ended. In the worst way anyone could’ve imagined.
And then of course…there was Aki, an obnoxious, rude and enigmatic fifteen year old who brought out both contradictive feelings and empathy in Maaya.»

I said it already, but I love it. ❤ Not just saying it because I think the author is really cool, but I love the main chara to pieces. (After reading it, who wouldn’t?Read it and then try to disagree with me, go on – I dare ya!)

Maaya is a sweet and perfect boy. I was afraid he would be too perfect, that he would be unbelievable like some characters can be, especially in manga, but he wasn’t. He was so perfect and sweet,and yet he seemed real and alive. Like a friend.

Yes I know that’s lame,but I’m a fangirl,and I don’t care. *sticks out tongue*

I brought up manga, and there’s a good reason for that. Now,I’ve read countless mangas (ok,not countless) and I know the ‘feel of manga’.  This feel slike it. And due to Lanny’s wonderful artwork, which I am a MAJOR fan of,- I mean check out her art! – , when I read it became manga in my head. I don’t know if that’s just me (it happened when I read Tithe by Holly Black as well, but then it was in the graphic novel style of Books of magic) or if it’s intentional,but it works!

I love the fact that it’s small things like one of my favourite songs mentioned in a scene «Yume no naka e» (Yes, I have the five-DVD:set of Kare Kano.^^)

And I was waiting impatiently for Aki’s appearance, and don’t read beyond here if you don’t want to be semi-spoiled. ^^

If you don’t want to be spoiled; Short story I loved it – go read it!!



still here huh?

Well, the ending broke my heart. It was a really well written ending,and I cried, and I honestly think it’s a better-written ending than the Harry Potter books have. Now,Snow isn’t fantasy, and the only reason I keep comparing, is because HP was my first and still is my heaviest fandom. But Snow is a good second. ❤

Seriously; It’s a great book, for the yaoi fangirl,for the japanophile, for the gay,for the straight, for young adults especially – and adults as well.


Now, when you’re freshly in love, you have a hard time picking on the one you like,right? So …right now I can’t see any negatives with this book, except that the second book isn’t in my hands right now,lol…

Spread the word,and go READ it!!

The official Snowblog here


Okey,på norsk.

De fleste av dere har sikkert skjønt hva jeg har skrevet så langt, og siden boken til Caroline Olsen er skrevet på engelsk, bør dere kunne engelsk for å lese den uansett :p Den er awesome! Vil bare oppfordre alle til å få bibliotekene sine til å kjøpe den inn 🙂 ❤

5 kommentarer om “Snow by Caroline Olsen

  1. Thank you very much for that lovely review~ ♥
    It’s definitely a great honor to even be compared to the Harry Potter books, much less be given a compliment like this. It’s kinda a lot to swallow x’3
    But yeah, thank you very much, I’m so glad you liked it that much >w<

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