LOST – the end

This will contain spoilers.


Here we are. At the end of the road.

Jack, I never liked you. Why did you have to wait to the very end to be so cool?

And Hurley, I believe in you,man. You will do the right thing.

Sawyer,Jin – Sun,…I’m glad. I want you to be ok. More than that.

Fuck,this is like loosing a dear friend,a close,dear friend.

I love you guys, and..

No, I did not like the religious sub-theme, not even a little bit.( Oh and cut from Jack and his sacrifice to a Jesus-statue?Not very subtle)

Mr. Lindelof -You pulled it off.

It was good to see everyone happy,and ..yeah.

It made it not so hurtful.

In the matter of tv-history, this show is epic. No, I don’t mean epic in the tardway I do usually.

I mean it’s unheard of.

The only thing I can think of with the similar effect  is twin peaks, when it first came on.

It’s been a fantastic 6 years.

now what the fuck am I supposed to watch?


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