I dag er det klem en geek-dagen! Så ut med seg og klem! ^^

Hvis du lurer; se her.

Klippet fra Facebookarrangementet;

I’ve recieved a lot of hating, and I don’t always know why. I’ve distanced myself from people the last years, and I’ve even been violent (Though not very strong). This isn’t something I take pride in, but it’s something I share, so it won’t happen to other people.
When you spend years listening to all of these bad things you stop seing the difference between the ones who call your name to say something mean, and those who try to make a normal conversation. And you bearly ever try to start a conversation yourself, because you feel unworthy.Still, someone took me in. They took me to Desucon and stood up with me all night, eating pancakes and playing Zelda. They thought me to play other games, had Star Wars marathons with me, gave me interest in computers and brought me in to politics.

I still struggle to talk to people today, and I’m most comfertable with my mind set on how to get rid of all the horcruxes or drawing Doctor Who cosplays. But I try! I’m shy and I’m always scared of saying something wrong, but every day takes me one step further. I’ve even taken the initative to talk to my crush a few times, and next year I’m starting to scratch the top of information technology. All thanks to a few people.

This isn’t me being forever alone, trying to get someone to hug me. This is a political statement! Everyone is worth the same, and we all should be included. Some of the least included people took care of me, and I owe them everything. Show them love, give them a hug. Try talking to someone lonely, or even just smile. This one day. It will make a difference. And trust me, most geeks don’t mind a hug from a stranger.

(Picture from WeHeartIt)

Mata ne!
Lezlie ~

Klem en geek du også!

(Må ikke forvirres med Geek Pride dagen.)


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