Reblogget fra JadedSnows blog fordi det er Spirit Day.

Carola's author blog

Happy Friday everyone~
In my case, I’ve been very productive today since getting up at 7, cleaning the entire bedroom (walls included), and the living room before meeting with a friend, and then walking pretty much around the entire south side of the city, before crashing at home with Akumu-chan, snacks and just having a good time with my friend~ Of course, we both wore purple!

Today’s Spirit Day, meaning it’s a day placing focus on the fight against bullying and discrimination against LGBTQ-individuals, putting focus on the  frightening statistics over bullying, slurs and suicide within this group, especially concerning teens. It’s hard enough as it is being a teenager, if your sexuality or gender isn’t going to cause others to treat you differently.
Spirit Day is a day where people worldwide show their support and concern by wearing purple.  I’m sure most of you have heard about it already…

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